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Pefect plaits using bands

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Find out how to get the smartest plaits around with PONY’s step-by-step guide!

  1. Comb through your pony’s mane to make sure it’s tangle-free. Top tip – Dampening his mane a little or using plaiting spray helps make the hairs stickier and easier to plait neatly. 

2. Divide his mane up into evenly-sized sections. You can use the comb as a guide to make sure they are all the same width. 

3. Use a plaiting band to secure each section. 

Top tip – Aim to have an odd number of plaits, as an even number can make his neck look as though it’s divided in half. 

4. Split the first section into three smaller sections. Again, divide them evenly to make sure your plait is a uniform size. 

5. Plait the sections together tightly – the tighter the plait, the neater it’ll look. 

6. When you reach the bottom, use a plaiting band to secure the plait in place. 

Top tip – Tuck any loose ends up into the plaiting band to help keep your plaits extra-tidy. 

7. Continue plaiting the rest of his mane.

8. Take each plait and start folding it up into a neat ball.

9. Roll the ball up tightly and secure it with a plaiting band. 

10. Continue down the rest of his mane and there you have it – perfect plaits

Top tip – You can plait his forelock in the same way as his mane or you can try your hand at a French plait to make him look extra-fancy!

Plaiting with Thread

You can also plait your pony’s mane using needle and thread – find out how here.


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