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Meet Ben Hobday

Ben Hobday eventing

Photo credit: Katie Neat Photography

Ben Hobday answers your questions about his life as a top event rider

Star rider Ben Hobday is one of Great Britain’s top eventers and he’s also one of the most popular, as he has over 720,000 Insta followers! Ben’s well-known for his partnership with super-cob Mulry’s Error, a part-Clydesdale gelding who, despite not looking like a conventional event horse, completed Badminton an amazing three times!

Mulry’s Error has now retired from top-level competitions, but Ben has a string of other exciting horses to compete, including Shadow Man, who was third at Blair and fourth at Bramham this year.  

As well as being one to look out for on the cross-country course, Ben’s often a talking point in the eventing trot up, because he’s always fashionably dressed.

How did you get into riding?

When I was four, my mum got a pony called Midge from the charity HAPPA. She was quite naughty, though!

How can I improve my flatwork?

Come and have some lessons with me!

What’s your fave event?

I enjoy lots of events, but Bramham Horse Trials is one of my favourites, because the cross-country fences are big and scary, and the people that run it are awesome!

Who was your horsey inspiration when you were growing up?

Eventer Pippa Funnell, because she’s the ultimate horsewoman!

Why did you choose eventing as your fave discipline?

I love showjumping, but going fast over solid fences gives me a real kick.

Did you know? When he’s not riding, one of Ben’s fave things to do is drive a tractor!

If you weren’t an eventer, what job would you like to do?

I’d probably do something connected to boxing, because it’s one of my favourite sports.

If you could design your perfect horse, what would he look like?

They would look like my top horse Shadow Man – I think he’s pretty perfect!

Did you know? Ben won a team gold medal at the 2007 Young Rider Eventing Championships, and  individual bronze, too.

What’s the cheekiest thing Mulry’s Error has ever done?

After we’d completed a cross-country course it would take at least two people to lead him, because he’d drag them back to the stables.

Ben Hobday eventing Mulry's Error

Photo credit: Katie Neat Photography

What’s the scariest fence that you’ve ever jumped?  

The Vicarage V at Badminton. It requires accuracy, skill and you have to be a really brave rider to take it on.

Were you a Pony Club member and, if so, do you have any funny camp tales?

I was a member of Holcombe Hunt Pony Club and I’d ride all the naughty ponies for the kids who couldn’t stay on. In return, they’d clean my tack!

Ben’s top tips for aspiring eventers

  • Believe in yourself
  • Work hard
  • Make the most of any opportunities you get

Meet Ben Hobday

Ben will share the secrets of his success at a PONY and Horse&Rider magazine Live the Dream Tour, coming to a venue near you:

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23 November – Arena UK, Grantham

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