Pony Care: A complete guide to buying and caring for your first pony

This great book offers sound practical and in-depth advice, tips and guides to get horse and pony ownership off on the right foot.


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Aimed at the first-time pony owner, this book provides sound and practical advice on all aspects of finding, buying and caring for a pony. Beautifully illustrated throughout, Pony Care: A Complete Guide to Buying and Caring for Your First Pony is an essential step-by-step guide for the non-horsey parent. Topics include:

  • Points to consider before buying, how to find and try the right pony and when to buy
  • Where to keep the pony, transport
  • Daily routine, feeding, health and exercise
  • Shoeing, tack and equipment, clipping and turnout
  • Selling the pony.

Written in an accessible and light-hearted style, readers will benefit from Alison’s wealth of experience and gain a true insight into what is involved in owning a pony.

  • Author: Alison Pocklington
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 248
  • Size: 180x247mm


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