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Whip your hands into shape!

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Want to know how to instantly improve your hand position? Here’s how!

Take your whip and place it under your thumbs, on top of your reins. This turns your hands into a pair – you can’t use one without affecting the other. So if you turn, as you ask for a bend with your inside hand, your outside hand will automatically go forward, allowing for the bend.

This simple trick can revolutionalise your hand position. You can’t turn your hands over, or lift one up without knowing it. You won’t be able to fiddle, or keep shortening and lengthening your reins, making your hands far quieter and more feeling. Don’t be surprised when your pony goes much better, and appreciates your riding now your hands are a pair. Why not give it a go? You’ll be amazed at the results. Then all you have to do is make sure your hands work in exactly the same way when you take the whip away (or you may become addicted to riding with your whip in this way!).

Let us know how you get on!

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2 responses to “Whip your hands into shape!”

  1. Chloe says:

    Hi, this is sooo helpful, after reading the first sentence I had already found out something new. I thought I knew a lot of things but I didn’t know this! I would definitely recommend this to anyone x

  2. Jody Smith says:

    Really handy! I do it a lot and it is so clever..i find it hard not being able to shorten your reigns. try it on a 20m circle. you will be surprised how strange it feels but you get used to it.

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