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Teach yourself lateral work: more leg-yield tips!

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Did you see our feature all about leg-yielding in September PONY magazine? We bring you some more top tips here.


Lateral work doesn’t have to be difficult! Perfect your leg-yield aids here – read the full article in September PONY magazine.

Correct aids

1. Outside leg remains at the girth but not applying any pressure
2. Use your inside leg slightly behind the girth to ask your pony to move over
3. Keep hands steady to maintain flexion, slightly open inside hand to encourage your pony to maintian bend as he moves over
4. Look straight ahead
5. Keep your body straight


Common mistakes

1. Inside leg too far back
2. Inside hand fixed which prevents effective flexion
3. Looking at the track, not up and ahead, which causes you to turn your body.


Top tip

It’s likely he’ll find it easier to leg-yield in one direction than the other (just like we’re right- or left-handed), so be more patient on his weaker side.

Top tip

Remember to practise leg-yielding on both reins to ensure both you and your fave pony are balanced and not stronger one way compared to the other.

Your Comments

4 responses to “Teach yourself lateral work: more leg-yield tips!”

  1. Jess says:

    Hi i did some leg yielding work today and i got told off for going diagonal not side ways HELP ME!

  2. Jody Smith says:

    i am 10 and 2 days ago I fell of three times in one lesson. Not fun.
    Starting to gain confidance again by doing LOTS of flatwork. Anyone any ideas? Thanks

    • Dylan&CarrieDressageJumper says:

      Well I know how it feels to lose confidence; maybe not after 3 falls but certainly after 1 bad fall (the horse spooked at a tractor and I fell quite bad!) so the most important thing to do is obviously get straight back on, and since you have done that I also advise you to try riding a horse you feel comfortable and safe with. Don’t try to go too big too soon after your fall as well; that’s just setting up for mistakes! I hope this helps, and don’t forget, everyone falls sometime!

    • Alice loves2 ride 77 says:

      Carry on the good work. I hope you have got some confidence back now.. Falling off is horrible!

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