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Six types of pony you’ll find in every riding school

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You're bound to find your fave pony in this list of six types of pony every riding school has – but which personality will he be?

RIding school pony

Mr Rush

Super-speedy, he just doesn’t understand the meaning of slow! As soon as you pop into trot he’s off and once you’re in canter there really is no stopping him!

Once you’ve got the measure of Mr Rush and know he’s not going to hurt you, it’s possible to convince him to steady up. However, deep down, he’s always thinking about his dream career as a racing pony so keep your wits about you, especially when you’re heading for the back of the ride.

Miss Clingy

She loves nothing more than to be right up next to her pals in the ride – often a lot closer than they’re comfortable with!


The trick is not letting Miss Clingy get too close to the other ponies in the first place, otherwise you’ve got to put a lot of leg effort in to pull them apart again. Once you’ve got her going solo, she works like a dream.

Sir Slow

Safe as houses, Sir Slow just doesn’t see the need for speed, ever. Your legs will feel like they’re about to drop off at the end of the lesson, yet you still barely made it out of trot.

It’ll take a little working out but if you find the right buttons he will go – honestly!

Chief of On-Edge

Always looking for something that might be out to get him, this pony can need some extra reassurance.

The key with him is to stay calm and not be sucked in to his worrying ways. He’ll take confidence from you, so show him it’s all okay and he’ll be able to start concentrating on what he’s supposed to be doing.

Mrs Mind-Of-Her-Own

It’s like she doesn’t even know you’re there or if she does, she does a very good job of ignoring you. You think you’re heading for A, but Mrs Mind-of-her-own is taking you in completely the opposite direction.

Be firm and consistent so that she learns what’s not okay. Think ahead, too, and you might be able to predict where her mind is taking her next!

The King

He’s often referred to as a total pro and it’s easy to see why – he knows his job like the back of his hoof! There’s always one pony everyone would be happy to ride and he’s it!

The one thing to be aware of when riding The King is that he’ll only perform if your aids are spot on. Get them wrong and everyone will know, but get them right and he’ll make you feel like Charlotte Dujardin!


Which is your fave pony? Let us know in the comments below!

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