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Practise your trimming skills

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Trimming your pony’s ears, jaw, bridlepath and fetlocks makes him look smarter. Practise your trimming skills to get the best finish!

Trimming a pony's ears with scissors


To make sure your pony is comfy when you ride him, trim away a small section of his mane at the poll, where the headpiece of the bridle sits. This will stop hair getting tangled up.


Trim the hairs that stick out from your pony’s ears by gently folding his ear closed and trimming the hairs that protrude with scissors.


Long hairs at the fetlocks are best removed with thinning scissors if you’re not clipping the rest of his legs. This gives a more blended look.


Many people prefer to leave their pony’s whiskers on, as he uses them as feelers. If your pony lives out, don’t remove these hairs. To remove them, very carefully use a trimmer.


Remove hair from under your pony’s jaw with a pair of trimmers to get the best finish.


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