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Check out top advice and tips from Pony European Dressage Champion, Phoebe Peters, for learning lateral work, or improving skills you already have! Phoebe explains how to get started with lateral work, with top tips for leg-yield, half-pass and shoulder-in.


What is lateral work?
The term ‘lateral’ refers to a movement a pony makes in a direction other than straight forwards. They are most commonly performed in dressage, but mastering them can help you in everyday riding – being able to go sideways is always handy!

What is leg-yield?
Leg-yield is a lateral movement where a pony travels both forwards and sideways at the same time. The pony will be mostly straight through his body throughout the movement, although he may have a slight flexion in the opposite direction of travel.

Phoebe top tip!
When teaching a pony lateral movements, or if you are starting out in riding them, start off with a leg-yield. It allows you and your pony to get the basic idea of him moving sideways away from your leg. Once a pony has the idea, you can move on to shoulder-in, then half-pass.


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