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In the May issue of PONY mag we helped you feel super-confident in the saddle and ready for a summer full of fun with your fave pony.

So, now you’re ready to rock and roll, we’ve put together some awesome things for you and your pony to try – and you don’t have to jump huge fences or go really fast to have an amazing time!

  1. Mounted games

While mounted games might conjure up images of ponies and riders running around at a million miles an hour, the truth is, even they had to start somewhere! Everything you see at top-level comps can also be done in trot or even walk. So, you could practise vaulting on, moving mugs down a line of posts or throwing bean bags into a bucket at any pace you feel comfortable with – you could even get your mates involved for an awesome day of fun in the sun!

  1. Orienteering

Everyone loves summer hacking with friends – there really isn’t anything better! But there’s a super-cool spin on hacking that you could try this Easter, and that’s orienteering! Set up clues to local landmarks, ride to them in teams and take a photo to prove you’ve been there. It can take an hour or a whole day – it’s totally up to you. See who can guess your clues and who can get the most pics. For a full guide on how it all works, check out the May issue of PONY!

  1. Riding bareback

If you feel safe, riding your pony bareback can help strengthen your bond as well as benefit your riding! It’s a great way to improve your balance, strength and connection with your pony so you can form a perfect partnership. There’s no need to jump or canter if you don’t want to – why not cool him off bareback after a schooling session or have a go at the end of a lesson with your instructor?

  1. Teach him tricks

There are tonnes of awesome tricks to try with your pony, from teaching him to smile or lift his feet, to picking things up or even lying down! Check out some vids on YouTube and give it a go – just remember to always wear a hat and sturdy boots to keep you safe and try the tricks in a secure area like an arena.

  1. Great games

Get some friends together and have a go at a few super-fun riding games to test your skills and try something new. If you love jumping, then bucket elimination is an amazing one to try – you can even make it a comp between friends! Musical markers – a bit like musical chairs – requires you to ride around until the music stops, then hurry to stop beside a marker before your friends.

Remember to check out the May issue of PONY for more confidence-building tips to make sure you have the best summer ever with your pony!


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