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Real-life Drama: My surprise pony week!

Sarah was expecting a very average camping holiday – what she got was a week pony trekking!

I LOVE horse riding. I go to my local riding centre, Maple Pollard Riding Centre, and I love to help out with the ponies as much as I can.
When my mum told me we were going on a camping holiday I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly impressed with the idea. However, one afternoon I found a booklet for PGL Family Holidays and noticed that they run Pony Trekking holidays in Wales. Desperately hoping this meant what I thought it did, I asked Mum what was going on. She told me I wasn’t really going camping, I was going Pony Trekking in the Brecon Beacons! I was so excited!

The next couple of months dragged by but eventually the time came – packed up with all my stuff in the car,  I was on my way to Wales!



When we got there we made our way to the reception to sign in. I was shown to my room where I met the 11 other girls who were all crazy about horses, too. Later on we met Will, who would be looking after us while we stayed at Tregoyd (the name of the house I stayed at). We were all desperate to meet the ponies but we had to wait till the next day.

The following morning we got ready in our riding gear, had some breakfast, then went to see the ponies! The ponies were all tied up on the yard and at the front was a beautiful little pony that seemed perfect for me. We lined up against the wall and each told the instructor our riding experience. We were then paired up with a pony. I was to ride Whisper, the beautiful pony at the front that I really wanted to ride.  I was so happy!

We groomed our ponies then we were ready for our ride. We weren’t allowed to gallop because it was our first ride, although we were all so desperate! Whisper was a bit wild but I really enjoyed riding her.

We went into Tregoyd for lunch and had pastries. Mmmmm… they were so nice! After lunch we went out on another ride then fed our ponies and put them to bed. After dinner we played some games then before we knew it it was bedtime for us, too.
The next morning I couldn’t wait to see Whisper again! She was tied up on the yard ready for me to groom her and get her ready for our ride. And what a great ride it was! We were allowed to gallop and Whisper’s gallop was beautiful. The rest of the day was so amazing I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the week had to bring.


On Thursday we had a gymkhana! Everybody was really excited as we got ready, putting on our best jodhpurs. I was riding a handsome, black pony called Jet because Whisper was too excitable for gymkana games! There were six races and Jet came first in all except the slow race! I was so pleased with him.

Whilst on this amazing experience I met some incredible friends – Lowri, Imogen, Eva, Meg, Rebecca and many others!
On our last day we rode in our pyjamas for five hours! Towards the end of our ride naughty Whisper bucked me off! She really is a bit wild!

Back at the stables we were told the results of the gymkhana and I was suprised and delighted to learn that Jet and I came first in our class! I also got a pink special rosette for riding Whisper so well all week. That was really nice and I felt very proud.

My week at Tregoyd went by in a flash. I loved every minute and I can’t wait for next year!

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