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Real Life Drama: I bought a pony – and got one free!

I’d been looking for a while to buy a good quality Traditional Gypsy Cob to show – and came across a breeder on the Internet. The horses on their website were all so beautiful, well bred and really true to type – just how a Traditional Cob should be. On their stallions page I had never seen so many fantastic stallions owned by one stud before. Heaven!

Anyway I contacted Lisa, who runs the stud, and told her exactly what I was looking for, and she soon came back with information and photos of Elsa, a beautiful three-year-old piebald Gypsy Cob filly, with loads of feather, mane and tail, and the biggest, kindest brown eyes! Lisa said Elsa was quiet, loved attention and just wanted to please. I was so taken with the photos and what Lisa had told me about Elsa I travelled the 160 miles to view her the very next day!

When we finally got there (it felt like it had taken forever to me!) and I walked around the corner to where Elsa was tied up and I saw her, I knew she was the one for me! It was love at first sight and she was delivered the following Sunday! I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy, Elsa was all mine!


About two-and-a-half months later I had the vet out to give Elsa her vaccinations and as soon as the vet came into the stable she asked whether Elsa was in-foal. Of course I said she wasn’t. The vet felt Elsa’s glands and said they were up, and that made her believe she could be in-foal, but that she could be proved wrong as Elsa didn’t look in-foal and it was an unusual time of year for foaling, what with it being the end of October.

Later that afternoon I spoke to Lisa, who bred Elsa, and told her what the vet had said. Lisa didn’t really think there was any way she could be in foal, but advised me to have a scan done on Elsa just in case and to put an end to the whole ‘is she, isn’t she’ debate. So I booked a scan for the following week.



The day of the scan arrived and me and Mum went down to the yard to get Elsa ready. It was still dark and we were in a bit of a hurry so I told Mum I’d go to the feed room if she could go over to the stable and put Elsa out in the field while we mucked out.

A few minutes later I heard Mum say, “Oh my gosh!”
I shouted, “What’s wrong?” and rushed to the feed room door. I could see Elsa looking over the stable door, her ears pricked, looking happy enough, so I thought nothing serious had happened. A few moments later my mum shouted from across the yard, her voice weird, as if she was trying not to laugh.

“Emma, Emma,” she cried, “there’s a foal in the stable, Elsa’s had a foal”.
I shouted back, “Yeah, right, like I’m going to believe that one Mum! Pull the other one!”
Another few moments went by and she called again, “No Emma, Elsa’s had a foal, it’s in the stable!”
By this time I was getting quite annoyed and I said, “Look Mum, we’re in a rush and I’ve got the vet coming today to do a scan, I’m not in the mood for these silly jokes, will you stop messing about!”
She replied through gritted teeth “Emma! You need to come now, Elsa’s had a foal!”

So I went across the yard, convinced it was a wind-up, and that when I got to the stable Mum would laugh at me – but the moment I looked over that stable door is one I shall never forget!

Next to Elsa was a little black face with a white star and two brown eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Elsa had had a black filly foal with a perfect white star!

I’d always admired one stallion in particular and the breeder confirmed to me that my foal was his daughter! Although I didn’t need them to tell me as she looks very much like him. I could not believe it, after searching for over two years for my gorgeous Elsa I now have two of the most beautiful Gypsy Cobs ever, with some of the best Gypsy Cob bloodlines in the whole world!


I have named my beautiful filly Autumn. She’s the friendliest, cheekiest filly on the yard, despite being the youngest. I can’t wait to show Elsa and Autumn this season!


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