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Real Life Drama: Determined to ride again!

When Zoe fell badly from her pony Tango, she knew it would take ages, but she was determined to ride again

My Mum and I usually ride together at the weekend, and this one was no different. I tacked up my pony Tango and Mum got her horse Rocky ready, too.

We went to the same field that we always went to and cantered in the same place, but that day was different.

Away we go

I squeezed Tango into canter and Mum was right beside me on Rocky. Tango likes to be in front and obviously thought we were having a race so she started to gallop!

We were coming to the end of the field and I could see something white in the bushes. I was desperately trying to pull up but wasn’t too worried as Tango never usually spooks. This time was different, though.

When Tango saw the white thing in the bushes, she came to a grinding halt and I went tumbling down her left shoulder.

I sat up and saw Tango cantering off, but as I tried to get up I cried out in pain – my stomach was causing me agony. I tried again but was sick twice.

Luckily Tango hadn’t gone far and was just eating some grass nearby, and I managed to drag myself to my feet and catch her. I tried to remount but my stomach hurt so much I decided I’d just lead Tango home.


Bad to worse

We soon bumped into someone we knew in his car. He offered to give me a lift home and Mum insisted that I went with him.

I staggered into the house and collapsed on the sofa as My dad came rushing in and asked what was wrong. I told him what had happened and that my stomach was hurting a lot. He probably thought I was just bruised and brought me a hot water bottle for my tummy.

When Mum got home around 45 minutes later, the pain had got loads worse and she wanted to take me to A&E. I really didn’t want to go so I ran upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom but then the room started to go all blurry and my head was spinning. Then I hit the floor.

I could hear Mum and Dad shouting at me to let them in but I couldn’t get to the door. When my head started to clear, I managed to get up and unlock the door only to fall to the floor again. My dad picked me up and put me in the car to take me to hospital.

No wonder

The doctor gave me a quick check over, then the nurse took me to have some X-rays. The X-ray showed that I had a broken rib, but the doctor was sure that that wouldn’t be causing me quite so much pain, so I was sent for a C.T. scan. That’s when we found out the cause of all my pain. The C.T. scan showed that I had a ruptured spleen and a bruised kidney!

I had to have total bed rest for five days to let my spleen heal and I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink for those five days!

When I was finally allowed to eat, the first thing I had was a piece of chocolate cake! I was in hospital for 10 days, and although that was rubbish, I got six weeks off school! But it also meant I couldn’t ride Tango for eight weeks.

It took me a whole year to get my confidence back, but I’m so grateful to all the nurses and doctors for making me better and to Tango for giving me my confidence back.

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