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5 signs you’re a total dressage diva

Can you relate to these five things that dressage devotees do?

Is dressage your fave sport ever? Do you dream of becoming the next Charlotte Dujardin or Carl Hester? Well, if the arena’s your fave place to be, then there may some things you do that give the game away to your horsey friends that you’re totally nuts for entering at A! Read on and see if these five signs sound like you…

  1. Your tack and equipment’s always pristine

Do you love to keep your tack, grooming kit and even your pony super-clean at all times? Well, dressage riders always need to look totally on-point to score those extra marks with the judges, so you know how important it is to make a good impression on everyone you meet. Dirt is not your fave, and you’ll happily spend hours cleaning everything to perfection. With all the white you wear – numnah, gloves, jods, bandages – that’s the only way you’ll keep it looking so pristine! No one likes a stained numnah…

  1. You’re only ever seen with your shirt tucked into your jods

This is a total giveaway that you’re a dressage diva! Dressage riders are always prim and proper, so you wouldn’t be caught dead looking sloppy. The thought of your shirt being untucked, riding without gloves or letting your hair hang loose without a hairnet while you’re on board makes you shudder. You’re happy to leave all that unruliness to the eventers!

  1. You ride with your stirrups super-long

If you ever dare to jump, shortening your stirrups two holes makes you feel like a jockey! You practise no-stirrup work on the regular to help you lengthen your leg as much as you can, and you know that riding long helps you get the optimum response from your pony when you’re schooling him. Plus, you likely have riding boots that are super-long, too, so you need to have your stirrups a few holes down to stop them rubbing the backs of your knees – you’ll go to any length to look like a true pro!

  1. You’d choose a schooling sesh over a hack any day

You love nothing more than teaching your pony something new and enjoy knowing that you’re engaging his brain! You like hacking, too, but it’s deffo not your fave – you’d much rather practise your centre lines than galivant across the countryside! You know hacking’s good for your pony to give him a break from his regular training, but you live for practising pirouettes and getting his paces as active as possible. That way, you’re more likely to take home a red rosette next time you compete.

  1. You’re all about the sparkles

Dressage riders love a bit of bling! You likely own at least one sparkly item, whether that’s a twinkly riding hat, blingy browband or glittery brushing boots for your pony. You know you need to stick to more traditional colours for your actual tests but, where you can, you always bling up your outfit and love sporting a sparkly matchy-matchy set when you’re having a lesson or training at home!

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  1. lovemypony!! says:

    oh god! i don’t compare to any of them! i always hated the dressage phase in eventing comps. that explains why!!!

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