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Ponies take a trip back to school

Equine therapy sessions are being offered at a secondary school to support learning and mental health following the Covid-19 pandemic.

A secondary school in North London, Archer’s Academy, is taking an unusual approach to mental health support following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and learning from home lifestyle on children’s mental health.

Archer’s Academy launched a variety of projects to support students’ wellbeing on their return to school, including equine therapy sessions. Jo Mahoney, Senior Assistant Headteacher and leader of the programme, explains how the pandemic has been hard for everyone, but some have struggled more than others. Therefore, they’re doing everything they can to help students settle back into school life and Jo believes: “equine therapy is a brilliant solution”.

The sessions are run on site by Lotte Carlebach, a qualified Equine Therapist, who works with small groups of students who interact with the ponies. These sessions not only have a calming effect on the students, but they also teach valuable life lessons. Students who find group dynamics at school particularly difficult have learnt about the ponies’ herd dynamics. This has taught them how to cope better in tricky social situations.

For more information, visit thearcheracademy.org.uk

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