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New horsey video game to be released

Spirit: Riding Free video game

The popular Netflix series Spirit: Riding Free is getting it’s own video game! You’ll get to play as Lucky and help her ride and care for her fave stallion, Spirit. You’ll embark on a wild adventure together, solving the mysteries of the Frontier and exploring it’s beautiful landscape. As well as going on quests, you’ll need to rescue animals in danger, compete in horse races plus loads more. You can help Lucky care for Spirit to build your relationship, too, and even dress Lucky up in new outfits!  The story is all about friendship and the special bond between horse and rider, so it’ll be tons of fun for any pony fanatic! Dreamworks and Outright Games are releasing this epic horsey game in the Summer of 2021, and it will be available for PC, Xbox, PS4 and Switch.

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