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Keep your pony happy and healthy when the sun shines with a little help from Aniwell

Warm, sunny days are perfect for spending quality time with your fave pony – you can go for a long hack, treat him to a cooling bath or even just hang out with him in his field. But while spring and summer are super-fun for you, they can bring lots of challenges for your pony, especially to his skin.

If he has pink skin on his nose or muzzle he’ll be at risk of sunburn, which can be really sore, so you’ll need to apply sunblock daily to protect him.

Another downside of warm weather is pesky insects, who’ll crawl over your pony’s face and body. As well as being super-annoying, some of them can leave nasty bites. If you spot any of these, it’s important to apply a soothing, antibacterial cream to prevent them from becoming infected.

Top tip – If your pony has white socks he may also be sensitive to the sun around his lower legs, so don’t forget sunblock for that area, too.

Smart skincare with Aniwell

To help protect your pony’s skin all-year-round, make sure you keep Aniwell products in your grooming and first-aid kits…

FiltaBac antibacterial cream provides a total sunblock, so it’s perfect for protecting your fave pony’s pink skin in summer. It’s easy to apply and you can also use it to soothe sunburn, fly bites and minor cuts and grazes. Once applied, the cream stays in place and it allows your pony’s skin to breathe, too.

If your pony has delicate skin, then FiltaClear is the answer. It has all the benefits of FiltaBac, but it’s been specifically formulated for sensitive ponies, and it rubs in clear.

Manuka honey is well-known for helping skin issues, and this natural antibacterial ingredient is contained in AMHVet, a wound, rash and anti-fungal cream. 

Top tip – Don’t forget to apply sunblock to your pony’s nose if you’re at a show on a sunny day. Choose one that rubs in clear to avoid white marks

Find out more about Aniwell, here.

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