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Horses and ponies in need

Horse&Rider and PONY magazines are delighted to have been able to donate to a number of equine charities in 2016, as part of our on-going support to the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys around the world.

The donations will be going towards:

  • Workshops at The Brooke to train owners and handlers in skills to improve their donkeys’ lives in Pakistan, where donkeys work for up to 10 hours a day in coal mines, in darkness and thick dust, carrying heavy coal sacks.
  • Helping World Horse Welfare with the rehabilitation of Buggy the foal. Poor Buggy was found by WHW abandoned and suffering with terrible wounds that had become infested with maggots. Thanks to expert veterinary care and lots of hard work from WHW, he is making a fantastic recovery.
  • A new hospital at The Donkey Sanctuary, which will include six new recovery stables and more advanced veterinary equipment and technology, meaning that donkeys can be treated at the sanctuary, saving them unnecessary travel and stress.
  • New riding hats for children to wear around the horses on ‘pony grooming days’ at the Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare Centre, allowing the horses and ponies to get lots of love and grooming whilst they await their forever home.
  • Milk powder to help orphan foals, and foals who are unable to be fed by their mal-nourished mothers, with The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.
  • A therapy massage pad for the veteran horses and ponies at HAPPA, to help improve circulation and provide relief from early years’ muscular skeletal injuries, which can cause stiffness and tension.
  • Veterinary costs for Twiglet, a pony that was rescued in an emaciated state, with a fractured back and neck, and who is being rehabilitated by HorseWorld.
  • Fly rugs for horses and ponies at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, to protect them from bites and enable them to enjoy their time out in the fields during the warmer months.
  • Supporting the Redwings ‘Moor for Horses’ appeal, which aims to help with the devastating effects of insufficient food and uncontrolled breeding on Bodmin Moor. Recently seven sickly ponies were rescued from Bodmin Moor, including little Arthur who is still battling for his life after suffering from severe worm damage. You can read more about Arthur’s story here.

“The entire team at Horse&Rider and PONY magazines care deeply about equine welfare, and it gives us great pleasure to be able support so many different worthy charities, all of which do a fantastic job at helping horses, ponies and donkeys in need”, says Kate Austin, Managing Director at DJ Murphy Publishers.

To find out more about these charities and to see how you can help, you can visit their websites here:

The Brooke

World Horse Welfare

The Donkey Sanctuary

Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust



Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

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5 responses to “Horses and ponies in need”

  1. horses are:) says:

    Horse charities are brilliant and saved loads of lives! I think people should use and sponsor horse charities more often.

  2. ColumboLove says:

    Horse charities do so much to help horses! When i’m older I will probably help out at a charity for mistreated horses

    • Alice loves2 ride 77 says:

      Good idea! What they do is so brilliant. So many adorable horses have been saved, thanks to them

  3. horse girl says:

    how can people be so cruel to horses? well done to all the horse charitys they are brillaint

    • Alice loves2 ride 77 says:

      It’s so cruel what people do, isn’t it ? I agree with you, horse charities ARE brilliant! I love reading all the amazing stories in the charity update in pony

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