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Pony Club camp

Have a fun time at Pony Club camp with our brilliant tips…

Pony Club camp is one of the highlights of the summer holidays. It’s a super fun way to spend time with your fave pony and you’ll improve your riding and learn lots about pony care, too.

To make sure your pony has as much fun as you do, there are a few things you need to think about. He’s likely to be worked harder and for longer at camp, so it’s important he’s fit enough to cope. While you should be able to achieve this through regular riding, you should build up his workload gradually over time, so start any fitness regime well in advance of camp.

When it comes to feeding, Kate Hore of NAF has some useful advice. “Don’t make too many changes to your pony’s diet,” says Kate. “Try to ensure that his diet is still based on forage, such as grass, hay or haylage, and just top-up with small amounts of concentrate feed, if necessary.”

Whenever your pony sweats he loses important electrolytes from his body, and you need to ensure these are replaced, and you can do this by giving your pony an electrolyte supplement or a salt-based lick.

“This is more important than ever while we’re enjoying this lovely warm weather,” says Kate. “Don’t forget to ensure clean, fresh water is available for your pony all times, too.”

5 essential Pony Club camp tips

  • It can be overwhelming how much kit you need for a few days away at camp, so write a list to make sure you don’t forget anything important. Tick the items off as you load them into your lorry or tow-car.
  • Label all your gear so it doesn’t get lost or mixed up with someone else’s stuff.
  • Some ponies might become anxious when staying away from home, so watch yours closely to see how he reacts. If he has a fave stable toy, take it with you to help keep him relaxed.
  • If the ponies are going to be stabled during your week at camp, find out if there’s anywhere you can hand-graze your pony. This will help keep him settled, especially if he’s used to lots of turnout.
  • Try to get some sleep! Chatting to your friends may seem more exciting than going to bed, but if you have lots of late nights you probably won’t be able to ride as well as you normally do.

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After a busy day at camp, add NAF Electrosalts to your pony’s evening feed. Electrosalts make sure that any vital electrolytes lost in sweat are replaced efficiently.

NAF Electro Salts

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