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Get ready for summer one hoof at a time


Farrier and TikToker Sam Dracott gives you five tips for keeping your pony’s feet in great shape this season

You may know Sam Dracott from his videos on TikTok, but did you know that he’s a registered farrier? Last year, one of his videos had the most views of 2022 in the UK – 300m and counting! He’s here to give you five top tips on how to keep your pony’s hooves in great condition to ensure a fun competition season ahead.

  1. Twinkle toes – did your pony have his shoes off over the winter? If so, it’s best to put them back on before you start competing to ensure there’s enough time for him to get used to them and to prevent his hooves from getting sore.
  2. Get a grip – do you normally use studs when out competing? If so, don’t forget to ask your farrier to add stud holes next time your pony’s shod. Studs are great for giving your pony confidence and extra grip when the ground is slippery!
  3. Worn down – when you pick out your pony’s feet, make sure to check his shoes for any changes – an adult can help you with this if you’re unsure. If there is a change in the wear, it might indicate your pony has a problem, such as soreness in his joints.
  4. Wet feet – if your pony’s turned out in a very wet field and the weather suddenly becomes dry, it can make your pony’s hooves soft and weak and that could increase the chances of bruising. Maintain a regular farrier schedule and try to keep your pony’s feet exposed to the same kind of conditions in his environment.
  5. Shiny shoes – in-between farrier visits, you should oil or grease your pony’s hooves regularly, as this will add moisture that will help prevent them from becoming weak and brittle in drier conditions, and your pony will then be able to perform to the best of his ability.


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