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Keep your pony’s diet in check with a little help from Mollichaff

With so many different feeds available to buy for your pony, it can be really tricky working out which one will be best for him. Luckily, the team at Mollichaff is on hand to help!

It’s important to keep your pony’s diet as simple as possible because his gut isn’t designed to cope with regular changes. As a general rule, his diet should be low in starch and sugar, and high in fibre – a vital source of energy.

What type of feed fits the bill?

Chaff is a great place to start because it’s high in fibre. Chaff is a dried forage made from hay, alfalfa, dried grass or straw and is cut into small pieces. It’s usually fed in addition to hard feeds or balancers.

Why feed chaff?

Because chaff’s high in fibre it helps to support a healthy digestive and immune system. Feeding a scoop of it to line your pony’s stomach before exercising might reduce the risk of stomach ulcers, too. Chaff can also increase his eating time because it requires more chewing – Mollichaff requires up to 8,000 chews per kilo to eat, compared to as few as 1,200 for hard feeds.

What is Mollichaff?

It’s a range of appetising chaff options for your pony! Made from high-quality oat and wheat straw, every chaff in the range has been dust-extracted, chopped and lightly dressed with a variety of ingredients to suit different types of ponies – all while providing additional fibre to their diets!

Which chaff should you feed?

Your choice depends on your pony’s health and how much work he does – as well as his individual preferences. From low to high energy, and ones with yummy flavours to entice the fussiest of feeders, there’s something for every pony.

Take your pick

There are eight products in the Mollichaff range, check them out here…


Molichaff range

Mollichaff Light (Molasses Free)

  • For ponies requiring a low sugar and starch diet
  • Provides fibre for overweight ponies or those prone to laminitis
  • Contains essential fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat

Mollichaff Original

  • Provides extra fibre for your pony’s diet
  • Promotes strong, healthy bones

Mollichaff Extra

  • Contributes to a balanced diet to keep your pony healthy

Mollichaff Herbal

  • Includes mint and garlic to support respiratory and digestive health
  • A natural way to stimulate your pony’s appetite

Mollichaff AppleChaff

  • Contains apple pieces to tempt fussy feeders

Mollichaff Showshine

  • High in oil to add condition for a super-shiny coat
  • Cherry flavoured to make it smell and taste delicious
  • Encourages fussy feeders

Mollichaff Veteran

  • Can be fed to replace part of a hay ration
  • Soft, short chop makes it ideal for those with dental problems
  • High in oil for condition, shine and slow-release energy

Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil

  • Good form of slow-release energy
  • Naturally low in sugar and starch
  • Includes pure soya oil for a healthy, shiny coat


Top tip

For more feeding advice, get in touch with the HorseHage nutritional helpline on 01803 527274 or try before you buy, just visit horsehage.co.uk for a free sample.

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