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Five ways to know your pony’s the yard fave

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Is your pony the most popular on the yard? Find out here! 

There are totally perfect ponies on every yard and, while yours will always be your fave, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a soft spot for another one, too! So, here are five ways to know your pony’s the secret yard fave. 

1. Talk of the town

You’re always getting compliments about how beautiful, friendly and all-round awesome your pony is! On the yard, out hacking and even at comps, all sorts of people come up to give him a pat and tell you how amazing he is – not that it’s anything you don’t already know! 

2. Lend a hand

Everyone always wants to have a ride on your pony, whether to help them learn something new or for a super-fun hack round the countryside. They know he’ll take care of them and give them an awesome ride to remember! 

3. Easy peasy

Anyone who handles your pony always compliments how well-mannered and easy he is, never escaping from his field or breaking into the feed room! While he might have his little quirks, if those who handle him love him then you know he’s a keeper! 

4. Best pals

Even the other horses at the yard all love your pony! He’s so easy-going he’ll become bezzie mates with any new arrivals and is always keen to help them settle in. He has his main group of pals for sure, but he’s always happy to see any of the ponies on your yard. 

5. Learn the ropes

If your pony’s taught nearly every kid in your Pony Club how to ride, then it’s pretty likely he’ll top the list of fave PC ponies! He’ll be a familiar face at rallies and you’ll meet a different one of his old riders at every show you’ll go to – plus they’ll all have a story about him you haven’t heard yet! 

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