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Equine welfare charity rehomes more horses than ever

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World Horse Welfare is celebrating because it’s smashed its record for rehoming rescue horses in 2021  

World Horse Welfare is super-happy because it has managed to rehome tonnes of horses and ponies in 2021! A grand total of 378 of the charity’s ponies were able to find loving homes last year alone, smashing it’s 2020 record of 357. This is brilliant news because it shows that, each year, more and more people want to give rescue horses and ponies a new home. Rehabilitation and rehoming is the charity’s ultimate goal for all the equines that come into it’s care, so beating their record is a massive achievement!

Tony Tyler, Deputy Chief Executive at World Horse Welfare said: “It’s our aim to rehome all the horses and ponies that come into our care once they’re fit and ready. Each one that’s rehomed helps another because it releases a space at our farms for another equine in need. But none of this could happen without our incredible rehomers who offer them a vital second chance.

Even when a pony’s rehomed somewhere new, World Horse Welfare keeps ownership so there’s no danger of him ever falling into the wrong hands again. It also means that rehomers can rest assured that, if anything ever changed, the pony can always safely return to World Horse Welfare. Tony adds: “Anyone rehoming one of our horses or ponies not only receives the full honest facts about them and a lifetime of support, but the rewards of knowing that they are giving that horse perhaps its first ever loving home – while making space for another vulnerable horse to receive the care it needs.”

World Horse Welfare’s four Rescue and Rehoming Centres are Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire, Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset, Hall Farm in Norfolk and Penny Farm in Lancashire, and equines are taken in and rehomed across the country. To find out more, visit: worldhorsewelfare.org



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