Home News Dottie the super cute miniature foal!

Dottie the super cute miniature foal!

Check out these SUPER cute photos of miniature foal Dottie and her owner having a play around the yard. She really is adorable!

When Sue Hughes learnt from her vet that a miniature Shetland mare and her two-week-old foal were due to be put down, she knew she couldn’t let that happen. Sadly, the Shetland mother was suffering from liver and kidney failure, which meant there was nothing the vets could do for her. The foal, however, had a slim chance of survival – if someone was prepared for all the hard work hand-rearing a young foal entailed. In stepped Sue, determined to give the youngster a second chance!




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4 responses to “Dottie the super cute miniature foal!”

  1. Pony Girl says:

    well done that took a lot of courgh and time you should be really proud

  2. horse says:

    so cute bot so sad

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