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October 895 PONY giveaway

WIN with October PONY!

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Entries close 28 September 2022. For PONY competition terms and conditions, and privacy and cookies policy, head to bit.ly/PONY_TERMS and bit.ly/PONY_PRIVACY

The Prizes

Schleich Horse Club Playset

Three lucky readers will each win a Schleich Friendship Horse Tournament playset. Let your imagination run wild with horse tournaments and riding competitions! Includes two horse figurines and more than 30 accessories. schleich-s.com

Horslyx Mobility bundle

Two lucky readers will each win a 15kg mobility balancer lick and holder, plus a mini mobility lick. Each lick contains ingredients to help support your pony’s joints and it’s a tasty treat for him, too! horslyx.com

Mollichaff Light Molasses Free

Two lucky readers will each win a £50 voucher to spend on Mollichaff Light Molasses Free. A tasty way to add fibre to your pony’s diet, it has no molasses, alfalfa, cereals or preservatives, making it low in sugar, starch and calories. horsehage.co.uk

PolyJump Multi Jump blocks

One lucky reader will win a pair of PolyJump Multi Jump blocks in baby pink. These robust, versatile blocks are great for training or lungeing, offering a range of height options. They’re great to add to your collection, or if you’ve just starting jumping. polyjumps.com

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