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Make a pony pen pot

Design yourself a super-cute pony pot to hold all your stationery!

You will need… 

  1. Print off and cut out the templates. 

2. Draw around each of the templates onto the plain card and twice onto the felt.

Top tip– Use colours to match your fave pony!

3. Cut out the pony shapes. 

4. Stick the matching felt shapes to each side of the card (like a sandwich) with PVA glue. 

Did you know? If you don’t have any felt, you can use coloured card.

5. Add any extra felt shapes, such as ears, hooves, nostrils and markings, and draw a line to mark his chin. Stick on some googly eyes, too.

6. Measure out how much felt you need to wrap the tube.

7. Glue it on and trim off any extra bits.

8. Make a tail and forelock with wool. Use a hole punch to make a hole to thread the tail through and use PVA glue to secure it on the back.

9. Glue the pony shapes to each side of the tube. You might need to ask an adult to use super glue to help them stick.

Top tip – Get creative, add some sparkle and turn the pony into a unicorn!


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