Build a bond with your pony

Posted 8th February 2021

Five easy ways to be even better BFFs with your fave pony

Boy and his pony

Sharing a close bond with a pony’s really special. It means he enjoys spending time with you and trusts you to keep him safe. This bond is something that’ll help you when you’re in the saddle, too, as he’ll be willing to try anything for you! Here are some super-fun ways you can build a special relationship with your fave pony.

  1. Pamper him

You may be super-keen to ride but try to give your fave pony a proper groom – rather than quickly flicking off the dirt with the first brush that comes to hand. He’s sure to appreciate how relaxing it feels and it’s a great way to spend some extra time together.

  1. Care for him

The more you do for your fave pony, the stronger your bond will be. He’ll see you as the person who cares for him, looks out for him and delivers his haynet! It may not be possible to do this all the time because of schoolwork or if your pony’s on livery but try to get involved as much as you can. There are sure to be lots of things you can do to help and your parents or the yard staff are bound to appreciate a hand.

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