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Posted 3rd February 2020

Find out all about riding camps and holidays

Group hack

Can you think of a better way to spend the school holidays than riding and learning about your fave animal? We thought not! We’ve got the lowdown on stay-away riding camps, so you’ll know what to expect. Here’s why you’ll love a horsey getaway!

Happy campers

Riding camp’s awesome! It’s where you spend a week at an equestrian centre having riding lessons, hacking out, learning about pony care and doing lots of other fun stuff. At some centres you can even ride a horse simulator, go swimming if they have a pool onsite, and meet some other types of furry friends as well. You’ll either sleep in a cabin or tent at the centre, or you can travel there each day. Not only will you learn loads, you’re sure to meet new friends and do lots of exciting activities, too!

For riding activities, you’ll be put into a small group according to your riding ability, experience and age. That way, everyone can do what they’re comfortable with and have as much fun as possible! Don’t worry if you’re put in a different group to your friends, as you’ll still have plenty of time to mix together at lunchtime and in the evening!

Top tip

If you’re a bit nervous about staying away from home, why not ask a pony-loving friend to come along, too?

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