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Posted 22nd July 2022

Find out how supplements can help keep your pony healthy

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Just like humans, ponies need lots of different nutrients to support daily bodily functions and stay healthy. If our ponies are healthy, they’ll be more able to do whatever we ask them – whether it’s going for a hack or to a competition. So, how can we support their diet and make sure they’re getting everything they need? Let’s take a look at how supplements can help.

In balance

Ponies rely on forage as their main source of energy. It helps to keep them warm and should supply all the nutrients they need. However, modern management practices – fields to graze in (rather than being able to roam freely like they would in the wild) and limited access to a variety of grass species – mean it’s hard for them to get the right level of vitamins and minerals.

Feeding hay or haylage helps, but grass and hay alone are unlikely to provide your pony with a truly well-balanced diet, so he’s likely to need a supplement or balancer in his diet.


Choosing a supplement can be tricky because there are so many available. If you’re unsure it’s best to speak to a qualified nutritionist for advice – most supplement companies have a free nutritional helpline.


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