Ready, set, goal!

Posted 21st August 2023

Aim high and get ready to achieve your goals with our fab guide!

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Are you ready to take your riding to the next level? Setting goals can help you become a better rider and turn your dreams into reality. So, let’s explore how easy it is to make progress.


It’s likely your challenges and goals will be different from your friends’ because your partnership with your pony is unique, but it’s worth chatting through your ideas for extra inspiration.


With so many things to master when it comes to riding, it’s no wonder you might find it hard to decide what to tackle first. Thinking about things you find tricky when riding is a good place to start and a useful method that can help you discover what your goals are. Making your goals SMART will help you achieve them, but what does that exactly mean?

S is for specific
Be clear on what you want to achieve. Instead of ‘I want to be better at jumping’, try ‘I want to feel confident jumping a 50cm course’.

M is for measurable
How will you measure your progress? Can you use checklists, a timer or your instructor to help you?

A is for achievable
Can you accomplish it? Be realistic and set a goal that you can work towards. Maybe one day you hope to compete at the Horse of the Year Show, but that might be out of your reach for now. Instead, try setting a goal of going to a local show and coming home confidently, and maybe even with a rosette in hand!

R is for relevant
Make sure your goal is worth putting in the time and effort for. Will it improve your riding? Does it bring you joy? And can you have plenty of fun along the way?

T is for time bound
Give yourself a realistic time frame to accomplish your chosen goal. A little bit of pressure can be a good thing, but too much might make you want to give up entirely.

 For more goal setting tips and to find out how you can create SMART goals, check out our fab guide in October PONY – on sale now!

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