Going cross-country

Posted 21st August 2023

Check out our six ways to maximise your cross-country schooling sesh


When the ground is spot on, taking your fave pony cross-country schooling is a must! But how can you get the most out your XC hire? Follow our guide and you’re sure to have your best ride yet!


It’s essential, and part of the rules, that you wear an up-to-date jockey skull and body protector when going cross-country.

Did you know?

Lots of pros wear air jackets when XC riding for extra protection, but they must be worn over a body protector.

Warm up wisely

As with any training session, it’s important you get your pony warmed up, thinking forwards and listening to your aids. You’re likely to have lots of space to warm up in, so use it wisely by riding lots of large circles and turns to get your pony supple and ready for action. 

Crack your canter

The quality of your pony’s canter is essential for jumping – whether you’re showjumping or going cross-country – so in your warm-up, spend some time focusing solely on canter. Pick up a two-point position and practise shortening and lengthening your pony’s strides to check his adjustability. Encourage him to stride forwards positively and in an established rhythm because this will help you feel more confident and nail the perfect stride into each jump.

Did you know?

Riding in a two-point position will help you stay in balance and allow your pony to move more freely.  


Make sure your pony’s fit enough before taking him schooling and avoid a super-intense session because it might make him tired and therefore more likely to make a mistake, which could knock your confidence.

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