Flatwork fun

Posted 21st August 2023

Harlow and Popcorn show you how to have a fab, productive, flatwork session!


Flatwork isn’t everyone’s favourite activity (jumping and cantering through the countryside is waaay more fun!), but, with a few simple polework layouts, you can jazz up your schooling sessions! Here are some ideas to get you inspired!


You could set up a course of poles laid out in a variety of ways to ride over – then include different paces, plus lots of turns, circles and transitions.

T marks the spot!

Set it up… Place one pole on the floor anywhere in your arena, then place another pole at a right angle to it leaving a gap between them.

This exercise is good for…

  • transitions – ride different transitions and change up the pace between, before, after and even over the poles!
  • straightness – ride parallel to each pole and see if you can maintain your line after it to keep your pony’s straightness in check

Take it one step further…

If you’re feeling confident you could have a go at riding large loops in canter to connect the poles and try asking your pony for a flying change as he travels over each pole.


When riding transitions, be really strict with yourself about where you want to make the transition. When it comes to dressage, you’ll be marked on accuracy, so this is a great exercise to help boost your scores!

In October PONY, you’ll find more exercises to make flatwork super-fun! With the help of Harlow and Popcorn, you can follow our simple polework exercises and to jazz up your usual schooling session. Progress through the stages to help improve you and your pony’s transitions, straightness and agility.

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