Meet YouTuber Meg Elphick and get all her horsey low-down

Posted 24th August 2021

We met one of your fave horsey YouTubers to get the low-down on Elphick Event Ponies

YouTuber Meg Elphick

Not only is Meg Elphick an awesome YouTube personality with a channel full to the brim with funny and amazing vids, but she’s also a successful grassroots level event rider! She’s produced all her ponies from scratch, which makes her incredible results even more impressive! Learn all about her right here.

Meg Elphick

Is the face of Elphick Event Ponies and a 24-year-old YouTuber. She produces ponies and events at grassroots level.

What do you look for when buying young ponies to produce?

The biggest thing for me is their attitude towards learning – they have to be kind-natured and willing to try. Take Jam, for example, she’d have been ruled out if I only bought based on conformation, but because her attitude is so amazing I’ve ended up with a talented little horse.

Check out October PONY, on sale 25 August 2021, to learn even more about Elphick Event Ponies!


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