Improve your pony’s walk

Posted 21st August 2019

Add the wow factor to your pony’s walk with these awesome exercises

It’s easy to forget to work on your pony’s walk, because trot and canter seem loads more fun! But spending a little more time in walk is super-useful and it’ll make sure your fave pony’s properly warmed up and feeling supple for your flatwork or jumping sesh. Plus, it’ll help you perfect school shapes before you try them in trot and canter!

Exercise 1: Step up

Poles aren’t just for trotting or cantering over, and you can use them for walk work, too! It’ll encourage your pony to lift his legs and add more expression to his steps. To have a go, set out a row of four or five poles, approx 0.5-1m apart, depending on your pony’s stride length.

How to ride it

  1. Go large and squeeze your pony’s sides with your legs to ask him to march along in a forward-going medium walk. When he’s moving with plenty of energy, approach your poles.
  2. Ride over them, aiming for the middle of each one.
  3. Change the rein and approach from the other direction.
  4. Try lifting the opposite end of each pole so he has to step a little higher, which will help give his walk the wow factor!

Top tip

You can slightly increase or reduce the distance between your poles to encourage him to take longer or shorter steps.

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