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Posted 21st August 2019

Fix your pony’s phobia of spooky fences with our top tips

If your pony acts like every showjumping filler’s a fire-breathing dragon and slams on his brakes when you try to jump them, it’s super-frustrating. But you can achieve more clear rounds by building his confidence and teaching him to fly over spooky fences, no matter what colour or shapethey are!

Getting to know you!

When you’re schooling, always introduce new fillers gradually, to build your own and your pony’s confidence. Here’s how…

  1. Walk around or between the fillers a few times, to show your pony they’re not scary!
  2. Build an easy fence, such as a cross-pole, then place a filler on either side, next to the wings. Pop over the fence a few times.
  3. When your pony’s jumping the cross-pole confidently, move the fillers a little bit closer together. Jump the fence again, then raise it to a small upright.
  4. Gradually bring the fillers in closer to the middle of the fence, until they’re right underneath the pole.

Top tip

If you spot a spooky filler on a course, stay positive and believe your pony will jump it. Then he’ll be less likely to refuse or run out.

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