What to expect at a hunter trial

Posted 24th August 2018

Planning to take your fave pony to a hunter trial this autumn? Here’s all you need to know

pony competing at a hunter trial

Hunter trials are brilliant fun to take part in because you get to canter through the countryside on your fave pony, soaring over natural fences. Here’s everything you need for a successful day out…

Perfect preparation

Hunter trials are hard work for your pony as he’ll have to canter over varied terrain and jump lots of fences, so make sure you build up his fitness gradually before the competition to help prevent injury.

It’s also important that you’ve practised different cross-country fences, including ditches, water, steps and drops, so you and your pony are confident jumping them.

Did you know?

Some hunter trial venues allow you to go cross-country schooling, which means you can practise some of the fences that might be included in your class.

What to wear

It goes without saying that you’ll need an up-to-standard riding hat and body protector for cross-country, and you can wear an air jacket if you have one. Gloves are important, too, to help you grip the reins and to protect your hands.

You can have fun with your clothes at a hunter trial and you’re allowed to wear a colourful long-sleeve top and hat cover. A base layer or rugby style top will be fine, or you could get a cross-country top made in your fave colours!

Top tip

When you collect your number bib from the secretary, you’ll usually be asked for a deposit, so take the right money with you. You’ll get this back when you return the bib after your round.

For more top tips on taking your fave pony to a hunter trial, check out October PONY, on sale 29 August.

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