Seasonal eating

Posted 16th September 2020

Plan a healthy diet for your fave pony

Cold and frosty days may seem like a long way off, but it’s a really good idea to start thinking about your fave pony’s winter feeding regime as early as possible. It’ll help you make sure all his nutritional needs are met as the seasons change, so he stays happy and healthy.

Smarter feeding

Whatever the time of year, it’s important to pay close attention to what your pony eats and how much he munches. You need to make sure his diet keeps him healthy, in good condition and at the right weight. In winter there’s loads of extra things to think about. You may not be able to ride your pony as much, so his diet won’t need to supply him with as much energy, but he’ll still need all the important nutrients to keep his body functioning properly. This could mean changing to a different feed or giving him less of the one he already has – but make sure you still feed him the recommended amount for ponies in light work or at rest, otherwise it won’t be supplying enough vitamins and minerals

Balance it out

Grass stops growing when the weather’s cold, so lots of ponies are fed other types of forage in winter, such as hay or haylage. These don’t provide the same amount of energy and nutrients as grass, though, so choose the right bucket feed to complement your pony’s forage. Make sure he’s getting a good balance of vitamins, minerals and quality protein, plus enough calories to maintain his weight. If you’re not sure what he should be eating, ask an equine nutritionist for advice.

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