Pony Nuts fave polework

Posted 16th September 2020

Check out this awesome exercise from social media star Pony Nuts

I’m a big fan of riding over poles. I like that they give me something to focus a schooling session on, and they’re great for keeping my horses and ponies interested in their work, too. There’s loads of ways you can use them to help improve your own pony’s paces, and I find them especially useful for working on suppleness and straightness. The exercise here’s one of my faves because it’s easy to set up, and you only need three poles.

Set it up

Place three poles down the centre line, each two canter strides apart (approx 6m). If you don’t have an arena, you can ride the exercise in a flat field.

Before you start

Spend 10-15 mins warming up your pony in walk, trot and canter before trying this exercise. It’ll make sure his muscles and joints are prepared for work. You can introduce the poles to him in your warm-up by walking and trotting around, over and between them.

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