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Posted 16th September 2020

How to work on your schooling while out hacking

If you don’t have access to an arena to school in, or the one at your yard’s always busy, don’t worry – there’s loads you can do to polish up your fave pony’s paces out hacking!

The great outdoors

Hacking’s brilliant fun and it’s really good for your fave pony, too. He’ll enjoy having a change of scene from the yard and school, and it adds variety to his work routine so he won’t get bored. It’ll help keep him fit, plus he’ll get used to loads of different sights and sounds, which can make him more chilled and less spooky. It’s also a really good opportunity to improve his schooling, too, because you can do pretty much anything outdoors that you can in an arena!

“There are loads of school moves that you can try while riding along bridleways”

Stay on track

Only school your pony where it’s safe to do so, and never on the roads or near traffic. Also, it’s super-important you don’t leave the bridleway and stray onto land where you’re not allowed to ride.

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