Improve your jumping position

Posted 11th September 2018

Improve your jumping position and feel more secure in the saddle over fences

Jumping a pony

Jumping can be great fun, but if you’re not feeling secure in the saddle it can really knock your own and your pony’s confidence. A correct jumping position will not only help you feel more secure in the saddle, but it can also help your pony jump better, meaning you’re more likely to achieve a clear round.

Perfect your position

Your jumping position isn’t just the shape you make over the fence, it’s the continuous movement from sitting up on the approach, folding over the fence, then returning to your upright position.

To get into the right position for jumping over a fence, think about…

  • moving your hips down and back
  • folding slightly at the waist and getting into a squat position as your shoulders come forwards
  • pushing your weight down through your legs into your heels
  • keeping your head up so you look through your pony’s ears

Top tip

Practise your jumping position in front of a mirror at home to help you perfect it.

Did you know?

You can learn from watching professional riders such as Jess Mendoza or Ben Maher, so next time you go to a top horsey event or watch showjumping on the TV, look carefully at the riders’ positions.

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