Supple up your pony

Posted 8th April 2019

Help your pony improve his suppleness and flexibility with these fun exercises

Suppleness is the ability to move and bend freely and easily. It’s super-important because it’ll help improve your pony’s flatwork, jumping and even his day-to-day life!

Loosen up

A pony is supple when he can bend evenly through his whole body in both directions. This means when you ride a turn or circle he should bend around your inside leg in the direction you’re going. 

Exercise: Serpentines

Riding lots of turns and circles is great for helping to improve your pony’s suppleness as he has to bend towards the centre of the circle. Serpentines are even better as you’ll need to change your pony’s bend as you ride each loop. They’re super-easy to add into your schooling sessions and you can try them in walk and trot.

How to ride it…

  1. Start on the right rein at C, and ride a half circle to the first set of poles.
  2. Ride straight between the poles. Then, as you begin the second half circle, ask your pony to bend to the left.
  3. Keep your pony straight through the second pair of poles.
  4. As you begin your last half circle, again change your pony’s bend so he’s bending to the right.

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