Posted 8th April 2019

Make every outing with your pony stress-free by brushing up on your loading skills

If you want to take your fave pony to a show, lesson or even to explore a new hacking route, it’ll be sooo much easier if he walks straight up the ramp into the lorry or trailer. Here’s how you can ensure your travel plans run smoothly, every time.

Safety First

When loading your pony, wear your riding hat, a pair of gloves and suitable footwear, such as riding boots. You should always have an adult with you, too.

Top tip

If you’re loading your pony into a trailer, lower the front ramp and move the partition across to make the space light, roomy and more inviting for your pony.

Keep calm

If you stay calm it’ll increase the chances of your pony trusting you and walking up the ramp. So, allow yourself plenty of time to load him. If you’re in a rush, you could get flustered and nervous and your pony is likely to pick up on this and be worried about what you’re asking him to do.

Be confident

You’ll get the best results from your pony if you stay positive and believe in yourself. When you’re leading him towards the ramp, walk purposefully by his shoulder and he should be happy to go with you. Make sure you don’t try to pull him along, because this’ll just cause him to pull against you and be reluctant to go forward.

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