This Esme tries endurance

Posted 6th January 2021

Check out some awesome info about endurance riding with This Esme

This Esme tries endurance

I’m lucky that I’ve been able to try loads of different equestrian sports, but I was especially excited to have a go at endurance. So, when Team GB rider Beth Langley invited me to join her on a training ride, I said yes straightaway! Here are some things I discovered about the discipline…

Endurance – the lowdown

If you want to spend quality time with your fave pony and create an epic partnership with him, you should really consider giving endurance a go! It’s just like going for a super-long hack, but you’re aiming to complete the distance within a set time. Also, you must finish with a sound, healthy horse – if he’s goes lame on the ride you’ll be eliminated.

The great thing about endurance is anyone can have a go, and you can get started by doing fun rides. If you love it, the next step is to join Endurance GB and enter a competitive ride, which start at 16km. You can try endurance through the Pony Club, too!

Did you know?

Any horse or pony can do endurance, and Beth started out on an 11hh Welsh Pony!

Grab a copy of March PONY, on sale 13 January 2021, to find out how much Esme enjoyed her first taste of endurance!


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