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Posted 10th January 2019

show jumping a course

A showjumping course will be made up of different types of fence, and it’s a really good idea to practise them all so you and your pony can clear them with confidence. Here’s one of the fences you’ll find in a jumping class and how to approach them..

Cross it out

What’s the challenge? A cross-pole is the ideal fence to warm up over as it’s straightforward and inviting. The X-shape helps guide your pony into the middle.

How to ace it Approach in a bouncy showjumping canter and aim for the middle of the cross-pole. Sit up tall, have an even contact on your reins to help keep your pony straight and wrap your legs around his sides so he goes forward with impulsion. Don’t forget to look up and over the fence, too.

Practice makes perfect Introduce cross-poles in trot, then once you’re feeling confident have a go at jumping them in canter.

Top tip

If you need a bit of extra help finding the right take-off point, use a placing pole. This is a jump pole placed on the ground 2.7m in front of a fence. You can approach in trot or canter.

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