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Posted 1st May 2020

Awesome ideas to solve common riding and pony dilemmas

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Even though riding and being around ponies is our absolute fave thing ever, there may be times when life doesn’t quite go to plan or something happens that makes it a little less fun than it should be. But there’s always a solution, so check out these common probs riders face and find out how you can ditch those worries and enjoy your pony-time again!

If I don’t do well at a show I get really upset. How can I feel better about it?

If something doesn’t go to plan at a competition, don’t worry! Rather than focusing on the negatives, smile and think about all the positive things about the day – not only did you spend time with your fave pony, you got to try something super-fun with him, too! Also, don’t forget to be proud of your pony for all the things that went well at the show. You may not have won a rosette, but did he load and travel well, and was he calm and well behaved?

Of course, it’s fine to review things that went wrong as you can learn from them. But don’t just keep thinking about the negatives over and over. Instead, make a plan for how you can improve and then put in some practice before your next outing. If possible, book some extra lessons with your instructor, so you can talk to them about what happened and what to focus on next.

My friend and I have been having riding lessons together for the same amount of time, but she’s just moved up a group and I haven’t. Does this mean I’m not as good a rider as her?

It can be hard if a friend progresses more quickly than you, but remember everyone learns at a different rate. If it’s really bothering you, why not have a chat to your instructor? They’ll be able to tell you what you need to achieve to move up a group, and give you some useful tips to help you get there.

When you’re in a lesson, make sure you listen closely to what your instructor’s saying, as this is the best way to learn and improve. If you’re not sure about something, ask them to explain or show you! Moving up through the riding school levels has a lot to do with confidence, too. This doesn’t always come naturally, but try to put your brave pants on before lessons, and give everything your best try. That way, you’re sure to follow your friend and move up soon!

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