This Esme’s summer routine

Posted 1st May 2020

This Esme shares her ponies’ summer routine

This Esme's summer routine

Now the days are longer and the sun’s shining, you might be thinking of making a few changes to your fave pony’s routine, so he can enjoy even more time outside. To help you decide what might work best for your pony, here’s how I look after Casper, Mickey and the donkeys at this time of year…

The great outdoors

Casper and Mickey’s summer routine is designed to give them both as much time out in the paddock as possible, but it’s still important they can go inside if they want to. This is so they can get away from the hot sun and flies. They have a large field shelter in their paddock, but I also keep the yard gate open so they can come into their stable if they feel like it.

Casper and Mickey can munch on grass pretty much anytime they want, but I keep a close eye on them to make sure they stay at a healthy weight. If I need to, I can restrict their grazing by making their paddock smaller or bringing them in for a few hours a day.

I try to give the ponies lots of turnout in winter, too, but they usually prefer to stay in overnight, especially if it’s really cold or wet.

Did you know?

The donkeys wear fly masks, too, but because their ears are so long, they only have ones that cover their eyes!

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