20 ways to get your pony fix

Posted 1st May 2020

Keep your life packed full of all things pony

Pony crafting

If you have to stay at home, but all you want to do is give your fave pony a cuddle or head out on a fun hack with friends, it’s super-frustrating! But even if you can’t make it to the yard, you can still fill your days with loads of awesome pony fun!

  1. Get crafty

You’ll have more ponies in your life than you can possibly imagine if you make them yourself! Take a look online (or in past issues of PONY mag) for pony-themed craft ideas. There are so many, they’ll keep you going all summer long! To get you started, how about making a super-cute pen pot or an adorable, cuddly cushion?

Top Tip

Head to the Pony Hangout section for more great makes!

  1. Create a work of art

Capture just how beautiful your fave pony is by painting or drawing him. Whether you use watercolours, oil paints, colouring pens or just opt for a simple pencil sketch, it’s sure to look so awesome it’ll take pride of place on your wall! Plus, it means your pony will be with you all the time. Make it even more special by using a canvas, or create a sculpture out of clay instead! Anyone can draw a pony! See our step-by step guide here.

  1. Visit your pony virtually

Can’t get to the yard, but a friend can? Then ask them to video chat with you while they’re there, so you can still say hi to your fave pony! He’s sure to feel reassured by hearing your voice, too! Don’t forget to return the favour for your friend if there’s a time they can’t make it to the stables, such as if they’re away on holiday.

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  1. Well, looks like I will have to do that now! Seriously, you do not know

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