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Posted 2nd May 2019

Spice up your schooling by riding lots of different shapes

Schooling your pony

You’re sure to ride loads of circles when you school your fave pony, but why not mix things up by including some other shapes, too? It’ll make flatwork more fun and they’ll really help improve your pony’s suppleness, bend and balance.

Riding exercise: Teardrop

Riding a teardrop shape will help you ace straight lines and smooth turns, and it’s great for your pony’s suppleness, too.

Schooling exercises, riding a teardrop shape diagram

How to ride it:

  1. Start in walk on the right rein and ride down the long side to F.
  2. At F, ride a 15m half circle to the three-quarter line. Open your inside rein to guide your pony round, and use your inside leg on the girth to ask him to bend. Keep a firm contact on your outside rein, and use your outside leg just behind the girth to stop his quarters swinging out.
  3. When you reach the three-quarter line, ride a smooth turn back towards the track at M.
  4. Ride the exercise on the opposite rein, starting at H, and riding your half circle from K.

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