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Posted 23rd May 2024

Discover how Harlow and Panda get warmed up for a fab jumping session!

If you want to have your best jumping session yet, I’ve got all the info you need! Follow my warm-up routine to get started.

Why warm up?

The warm-up period is the most important part of every riding session. It helps make sure your pony is listening to you and ready for the work ahead, and also helps prepare his body – without a proper warm-up, he’s more likely to get injured.

Ideally, you should spend at least 10 minutes warming up, focusing on encouraging your pony to be responsive, alert and ready for action.

Did you know?

Your warm-up might take longer on some days, especially if it’s cooler or your pony’s been standing in his stable for a while.

Top tip

It’s a good idea to protect your pony’s legs when jumping, in case he knocks himself, with a pair of brushing or tendon boots.

Get going

Whether or not I’m jumping, I always start my riding sessions with a stretchy walk on each rein for a good few minutes to let Panda loosen up. Then, as I progress to trot and canter, I ride loads of transitions to check he’s listening to my aids.

When I’m sure Panda is listening to me in progressive transitions (such as halt to walk and trot to canter), I like to ride a few direct transitions, such as walk to canter and trot to halt. This really tests his responsiveness and helps make sure he’s off my leg and working actively. This is important for jumping, but also for flatwork, so why not give it a go?!

Learn more of Harlow’s top tips for warming up in July PONY – out now!

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