Cross-country course walk

Posted 28th May 2021

Wondering what sort of obstacles you’ll meet on the cross-country course? Find out here!

Riding cross-country

If you’re planning some cross-country schooling this summer, or even your first hunter trial or one-day event, it’s super-important to know about the obstacles you might find on course. If you know what you’ll need to jump, then it’ll be much easier to practise at home before the big day and give you the best possible chance of having a totally fun time!

Step up

Sets of steps are a cross-country staple at any level. Your pony needs to step up and down, and maybe even ride up or down a few in a row.

Ride it To step down, take things slowly and give your pony plenty of time to understand the question. Keep your lower leg a little forwards and your shoulders back, allowing the reins to slip through your fingers so your pony can use his neck for balance as he jumps down.

To step up, approach in a powerful trot or canter – just like you would a fence – and move into your jumping position as your pony goes up the step.

Work from home You’re unlikely to find a real set of steps out hacking, but riding up and down banks and hills is a great way to learn how to position your body and get your pony used to different gradients.

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