Know your paces

Posted 4th June 2018

Understanding what’s going on beneath you can really help you with your riding

Pony trotting

Depending on what pace your fave pony’s in (walk, trot, canter or gallop), his legs will be moving in a different order – these are known as footfalls. Knowing which leg moves at when will help you understand what your pony’s doing and it’ll give you a better idea of when’s best to use your aids, too.

Walk this way

Walk is a four-beat gait, which means each of your pony’s legs move separately. If you listen to him walk on a hard surface, you’ll be able to hear it.

Pony footfalls in walk

Hot to trot

Trot is a two-beat gait and your pony’s legs move in diagonal pairs.

Did you know? To check you’re on the right diagonal in trot, look at your pony’s outside shoulder – you should be rising as he steps forward and sitting as his shoulder comes back.

Pony footfalls in trot

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